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    With BB leaving Wisky

    what does this do to your vitriol toward Wisky...does it stay the same or lesson it? Or are u waiting to see who they hire to replace him? To be honest, not as antagonistic toward Wisky now myself. Just more or less competitiveness remains.
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    Multiple bowl games value

    I know there are those that believe there are way to many meaningless bowl games and it is all about the money. The second part is pretty much true. It is about the money, especially the money that is brought into the community the bowl is held in. That said, with MN getting into a bowl this...
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    This may come across a little stupid

    but I think the FSU game showed a little what Tubby has been trying to develop with the BB team. A whole team effort and not dependent on just one or two star players. When everything it clicking with the entire team, it is pretty much a thing of beauty.
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    How do you all feel about referring to MN

    as "The Original U!!!" Just a thought...
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    Given the way he is currently playing WR

    and seeing him make that catch today at the 4, who here thinks Gray will be drafted as either a WR or TE and what round? Though he has the build to play TE, I think he would do better as a WR, especially since he has the speed. My thought is he is probably going somewhere in the 5th round...
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    Question to Ponder (or maybe you already have)

    Given Coach Tubby has already stated that Ellenson and Buggs will not be redshirted, he has also just mentioned somewhere he believes he has 3 1st round selections in the NBA draft in Trevor, Williams and Hollins and the simple fact BB has more players percentage-wise that get drafted early than...
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    Agree or please

    Nelson should remain starter the remainder of year and get experience. Gray even when he gets fully healthy should remain at WR since that is probably what he will end up as in NFL anyway. Shortell #1 backup competing with Nelson.
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    Not good news Have trouble with the "little trouble with my heart" comment...
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    Just a couple thoughts about game Saturday

    1st, for those wanting Shortell, now we get to see...simple as that 2nd, having Shortell starting will give the coaches the opportunity to provide a new wrinkle or 2 to the offense. Look for Maye to be used more in a sort of Wildcat fashion since Gray's obviously not available. Don't forget...
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    Hate to say this

    and truly hope I am wrong, but I am a little nervous about this weeks game...I am not sure if it is due to WM being a little bit unknown or the concern that a very young Gophers team might not take this game as serious as it should. Probably the latter...Am I alone in this feeling?
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    Illinois Decommit His list does not mention MN, but interesting list including offer from Wisconsin. Allen Trieu ‏@AllenTrieu Detroit Cass Tech (MI) DT Kenton Gibbs just said he's no longer committed to #Illinois - more on which...
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    For those around the west central part of MN (esp. Fergus Falls)

    My uncle, Oats LeGrand past away today. He was a sports broadcaster for Fergus Falls stations handling many of the local games...Here are a few articles concerning him...
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    Like this tweet

    Tom Dienhart ‏@BTNTomDienhart Ra'Shede Hageman. Remember the name. #Minnesota DT. A monster. #B1G :)
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    Spearman finally Illinois

    Big Ten Sports ‏@BigTenSports #BigTen Illini Football: Football commit: LB Reggie Spearman to Illinois #Illinois #Illini Really the only surprise was that he waited this long...
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    Sounds like Illinois is really trying to take advantage of Penn State's situation

    Dick Vitale ‏@DickieV The way ILLINI went after PSU players- did not break any rules- but TOTALLY CLASSLESS- on campus =VULTURES- same conf =WOW NO RESPECT

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