All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

The whole, poke the bear, thing was overblown. Kyrie doesn't need anyone else to get him going.

If it wasn't Kyrie wouldn't have been a non-factor for 2 and a half quarters,

Clean block.

The Conely floater (finally did something right) reminds me of how Rubio never bothered to learn how to do the same.

Edwards is pushed and throws the ball out of bounds..

Ant choking. Crazy. Attack the rim.....we were due a makeup call. Instead he throws it away.....

Geesus.. And that was Luka's first FG of the 4th Quarter,

Robbed, choked, outcoached, and top players playing like they don't belong.

This could easily be 2-0 for the Wolves.

Nba is absolute bullshit!!! The replay and watching the foul to say oh well out on mn…

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