All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

Wolves 60 Mavs 48 at the Half

Now we get to hear the TNT guys whine about how the Wolves played and how Kyrie, the guard in the history of the NBA will lead Dallas to a victory.;)

McDaniels just got his first 2 pts. of the night followed by NAW getting his first pts.

Jaden's head in the clouds tonight. Rudy's hands dipped in cement.

What about Gobert? Could he make a 2 footer?

He's 4 for 8 from the floor tonight. Problem is he's only 2 of 4 from the line.

They can hack him at the rim and either not get the called for it or Rudy won't hit many of his free throws.

Too many guys playing like absolute trash right now.

Naz nails a 3 to make it Wolves 86 Mavs 79 after 3.

I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Ant is just trash in this series.

ANT has been atrocious on defense. That’s him half assing the close out on Kyrie there. If you’re gonna call someone out you better back it up.

Dallas isn't even guarding SloMo and he still misses shots.

Naz needs to keep shooting 3's and hopefully Edwards can find something he can do to help

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