All Things NCAA Tournament Games

Love the SDSU culture. Toughness.

Feels like they're going to have a hard time pulling this out due to Creighton having 5-6 guys that can score it but we'll see.

Not sure I like the foul there. Gives SDSU the last shot.

Werner is the official ladder of March Madness.......:LOL:

If Texas wins is Marcus Carr the first player to play at Minnesota and make a final four (legitimately) ever?

I said legitimately

Nothing illegitimate about it regardless of whether it was "vacated". Still had to win the games. Final Four game still happened.'s like saying that USC didn't win the 2004 Football National Championship or Louisville didn't win the 2013 NCAA Basketball National Championship. Can't erase it no matter how hard you try.

But whatever makes you feel better.

Google says I'm right.

Google told me that you are a butthurt troll.


I said legitimately
It is heartwarming to know someone is still innocent and naive enough to believe that Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, and UCLA, to name a few, didn’t bend to the breaking point a "few" rules. There is still hope for humanity!

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