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    All Things 2021 NCAA College Basketball March Madness Tournament Thread

    Florida tried to give this away a few times.
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    Packers decision to kick field goal late - can anyone explain it?

    I wish I could find the tweet, but one analyst said the data supported the call. Higher win percentage with the field goal and defensive stop. Of course, that doesn't take into account who you're playing. Felt like the wrong call at the time and still does. It's the conference...
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    Fox 9: Gophers safety Antoine Winfield Jr. invited to virtual NFL Draft

    Tweet from Schefter with all participants:
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    Pitino coming back

    People won't watch or post or attend. We're already seeing that. I'm hopeful this team takes a big step forward next season, but there's little evidence to expect that.
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    Big Ten Tournament cancelled

    This will be a good year to suck. No Big Ten tourney and I’m guessing no NCAA.
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    Minnesota senior WR Tyler Johnson accepted an invitation to the East-West Shrine Bowl.

    Per Rotoworld on Twitter: Twitter Johnson (6'2/205) is one of the best in the country in terms of his body control and ability to make contested grabs. Those skills have helped him to a 59-900-9 receiving line in 10 games this season. Another 100 yards and he'll finish out his collegiate...
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    Bielema cracking down on DWI

    Per Deadspin: "After police arrested Arkansas defensive lineman Tevin Beanum for a DWI early Sunday morning, Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema didn't completely boot Beanum from the team, but he did hand out an appropriate punishment: Beanum can't use his car except for classes or practice."...
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    The Big Ten is Good and Crazy - Eamonn Brennan "Sure, the Gophers’ offense is good, but it is not so good that it should score 81 points in 58 possessions against anyone. Oh, don’t get it twisted: This wasn’t even a fast-paced game. Fifty-eight...
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    Where recruits come from

    I saw this on Deadspin and thought it was interesting. Provides a breakdown of where recruits are coming from and gives a per capita view.

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