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not over yet. river dipped in Windom over the weekend, but it's coming up again as water from the North works down the river. new forecast is predicting a possible crest of 26-feet on Wednesday. at that level, a lot of homes and businesses are going to be flooded.

the previous record was 24.7 feet, which was surpassed this morning. now at 24.74 feet.

in the Heron Lake area, it's a real mess. and Jackson, MN is facing a similar situation. down in Iowa, Spencer IA is almost completely flooded.

I'm just hunkered down. damn glad I bought a house up on the hill. before I bought this one, I looked at a house on River Road. as you can guess from the name, it's next to the river.
Gotta be one big water hazard at the golf course.

So far this year is seems to be shaping up a lot like 1993. No 90° days, wet with summer river flooding, little severe weather.

Reusse who has written about the Dukes I am sure at least a dozen times through the years wrote about the Cannon flooding issues.

They hope to be ready for action by July 7. I wish them luck.


Story is from back in March but this is still pretty wild. Ranchers in Colorado were sentenced after tampering with rain gauges to increase amount of subsidies they got for lack of rain.

Two southeastern Colorado ranch owners were recently sentenced to pay $6.6 million to resolve federal charges that they damaged or altered rain gauges in an effort to get paid for worsening drought conditions.

By preventing the rain gauges from accurately measuring precipitation, the men aimed to increase the amount of money they could receive from the federal government, according to court documents.
Federal crop insurance is typically sold through private insurance companies who are subsequently reimbursed by the federal government. The Rainfall Index plan covers annual crops and "is focused on the amount of precipitation, not on actual crop production," as described by prosecutors in a case document. "This means that a farmer can receive a payment when precipitation is below the historical normal level even if the relevant farmland suffers no loss in productivity."

Jager filed claims on the falsified lower precipitation measurements, thereby increasing the benefits received from his crop insurance policy. In return for their rain gauge activities, Esch and the two unidentified co-conspirators received payouts, as outlined in the plea agreements.


I think it will ok, for the football playing surface. Water receded 2 weeks ago and it looks like they are working on getting it good to go by fall, aerating and topdressing.

The football practice and soccer fields on the other side of the west gym I am not as sure of the time frame. It took a lot longer for the river to recede to the banks there and the sod looks really trashed. Might have to find temporary space on the south side of Hwy 19, where most of the campus is.

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