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Glad you like it. I've yet to drive or bike it myself, but I was involved in its design. The design team originally envisioned it as a (non bridge) high fill through that old mine but eventually took our advice and made it a bridge. In retrospect, I can't imagine it as a big pile of embankment. Also, we put the project manager in a headlock until he agreed to a 5 percent grade for economy (less rock excavation). A little steep in the uphill direction for bikers; hope it isn't too oppressive.
Odd to even think of it any other way. Glad you went the route you did!

I recently read a book called Two Wheels Good, The History and Mystery of the Bicycle.

Really enjoyed it. Plenty of early history and some interesting looks at how bikes have been viewed culturally and politically. Just the section on China was fascinating. Bikes went from a hated symbol of Western Colonialism to Marxist tool to Pro Democracy vehicle to embarrassingly backwards anti-capitalist marker.

Also there is a chapter dedicated to Danny McCaskill. Dear god! I had forgotten this.


Vingegaard also involved in a crash and suffered injuries.

Damn. That's a couple of losses for Team Visma early in the season, combined with losing Primoz Roglic in the offseason. Depending on how long they are out, that will definitely make for interesting Grand Tours like the Giro and possibly the TDF.

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