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  • Your daily up tp date posts on the leftest protesters are needed

    All of you know that personal gun sales have increased drasticly in the last 3 months. Two more months of these types of actions will drive personal carry weapons even higher. I hope that people thar carry take and get there personal carry permits and gun safty lessons. I fear that only half will.
    WHAT, because Fredericl Douglass counceled the White Ppesident Lincoln on the black plight and injutive of slavery? His statue should be placed near the Lincon monument.
    BLM and other leftists took ove about 4 blocks of the city street, person shot, the amblence arived, police bigged the protes to let amblince in. The protesters refused to let the ambulence and parametics in to help the shot young person. The Police said they would stay out just let the ambulence in. I think he died. Where did this take place?????
    You are pretty clued in on the currency issue. But it ain't over until it is over and I am fighting to the dirty end. We have a Tea Party fiscal Conservative running for Congress here and we are hosting a "Meet and Greet" at the house for him in our community in a few days. We have to win this back a vote at a time. It can be done. We are on the same side, just different interpretations of FP and ND. No hate on that. Just some tuff skin required from time to time.
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