All Things Big Game Boomer Thread (Best of Lists)

Go Gophers!!
I take it as a badge of honor that three fanbases hate Michigan. However, in all these lists, there are some real head scratcher s. One I noticed in this list is showing Oklahoma fans hating Kansas State. KSU probably wouldn't even be third on the list. Far and away the most hated by OU fans is Texas.

As much as I wish this wasn't true it kinda is. I went to the Michigan St game this year and their gameday experience is absolutely CRAZY! Tailgates for what seemed like miles and the student section line was over half mile long. Granted their campus is more well suited for tailgating, but the atmosphere had a similar buzz to when the Gophs played Penn St in 2019 and Ohio St in 2021. Wisconsin I will say is HEAVILY overrated. Boring gameday atmosphere (even a big rivalary game was boring) and in-stadium was also lackluster.
It has been probably 25 years since I attended a game in Madison. The atmosphere there must have changed drastically since then to be considered tepid now. Too bad. I thought it was great. Brats cooking at stands for blocks around CR. Lotsa laughs, Red, beer.

Yeah, I'm glad I got to go to the white out game (other than the result) but it was a lot of traveling no matter how we planned it. Parking was crazy and a long walk.
Despite the travel and the drive from EWR, the White Out game was probably the best experience we ever had, but, yes, the travel....

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