All Things Big Game Boomer Thread (Best of Lists)

Pretty sure that Big Game Boomer is version 1 of ChatGPT.
I pictured a boomer Boomer somewhere in Oklahoma with too much idle time in retirement. Perhaps you are correct though. The sheer volume of content and the high quality of each list can only be reasonably ascribed to artificial intelligence of some sort.

#11 on Boomer, #1 in our hearts:

Go Gophers!!

Shits about to get real…Boomer coming to the Bank.

Go Gophers!!

Callahan makes the list:

Go Gophers!!
Interesting to see that the new Wisky staff doesn't have an OL Coach ranked in the Top 50, which is a big departure from their OL history. Will be interesting to see how that plays out with their new offensive plans.

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