All Things Big Game Boomer Thread (Best of Lists)

This is true. I had season tickets for years as an out-of-state alum and appreciated easy-peasy flights to MSP, hop on the light rail and go right to the stadium. Or maybe stay the weekend at one of the plentiful and fairly affordable hotels near campus and downtown, in walking distance to the stadium and nightlife.

MSP is a dream for traveling fans. I tried to plan a trip to Happy Valley last fall and it was going to be a long, arduous, and expensive journey of planes, trains, and automobiles.
Yeah, I'm glad I got to go to the white out game (other than the result) but it was a lot of traveling no matter how we planned it. Parking was crazy and a long walk.

As someone from Illinois I have to vouch for their campus here, not sure how he determines his ranking but they have an absolute gorgeous campus, only downside is the location but it also creates one of the best college town atmosphere bar wise.

Pretty sure that Big Game Boomer is version 1 of ChatGPT.

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