All Things 2023 Minnesota Vikings In-Season Thread

This O'neill guy is having a brutal year for what he's being paid. I'm not just talking about how Crosby treated him like a rag doll, either. The bears destroyed him last week.

because these idiots are thinking playoffs and making a run.........LMAO
I get that. It’s easy for fans to just say “play for the future”. I’m just not sure Mullens gives them a better chance of winning right now.

Dobbs is going to get these receivers killed. He really hangs them out there. He doesn't have it.

Need to be looking for a new kicker in the offseason. Joseph has regressed each year he's been here.

Apparently the running game was working too well. There’s zero reason to not keep running it there.


1. qb can't throw at all

2. Jefferson almost killed

3. O'neill with maybe a bad injury

4. Rossi leaves for MSU

5. 3 of the gophers top recruits no longer coming here.

Let me know if I missed anything. All you can do is laugh.

Can KOC not design some sort of role out to utilize Dobb’s feet. The guy is not a drop back passer like Kirk is.
the defenses are sitting on it. They respect nothing downfield. They are loading the box and rushing wide.

We are kind of screwed.

This is terrible coaching. You needed to make the move earlier. Not in the 4th quarter.

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