All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

Nuggets in trouble at half. Down 59-44
Murray hits one at the buzzer gives Denver the win over the Lakers. What a game.
Jokic with a triple double.
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The Max guy on kfan is always laughing. I guess everything might be hilarious but IDK.

That sequence at the end of the Knicks/Philly game. Where the Knicks completed their comeback win. Philly was screamed that they got fouled. Turns out the NBA agreed with them.

the NBA ruled that Tyrese Maxey was fouled multiple times during a frenetic defining sequence, and that 76ers coach Nick Nurse called for a timeout but the referees didn't see it.

The league said Jalen Brunson grabbed Maxey's jersey before the ball was inbounded after Brunson's 3-pointer cut Philadelphia's lead to two, and that Josh Hart then bumped Maxey as he caught the inbounds pass, sending him falling to the ground.

Maxey then committed a turnover trying to pass the ball after he fell to the ground, which led to Donte DiVincenzo missing a potential go-ahead 3-pointer and then making one that proved to be the winning shot with 13 seconds remaining..


That was a pretty feed by McDaniels to Rudy to get Gobert an uncontested dunk.
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Kat and Naz got to get their shit together here

Kat and Naz got to get their shit together here

Yep. Towns goes out Durant starts to take over. Somebody else has to step-up on Durant. I know. Easier said than done.

And there they go, getting careless with their passing.

Stop panicking. Phoenix is smarter than you and they get a better whistle. Also get a mid range rebound.

Devin Booker giving cheap shots around the court then whining any time he doesn't get a call. That time he was whining that they didn't call his timeout quick enough.

Yes, these are the Suns everybody is use to seeing.

Wolves down by 1 at the half, 51-50.

That with KAT only getting two points in 8 minutes of playing time, Reid getting a single point in 10 minutes and Edwards plying 20 minutes and getting all of 5 points.

No reason for anybody to panic.


Can't trust KAT to not pick up a third because he's such a young pup. Definitely not a veteran at this point

Wolves are up 78-71 after 3. Edwards needed the Quarter with 12. Conley who got 14 in the 1st half was scoreless in the 3rd. McDaniels has 18, KAT 10 and Gobert 12.

Reid has 5. He needs to step-up and Towns need to stay in the game. When he's out there Durant is a non-factor on the scoreboard.

That'll be an interesting challenge there. Booker got called for an offensive foul. He drove into Towns, hooked his arm and held it and went nuts when the foul call went against him.

Edit: They lost the challenge. Foul call stands against Booker.

Minnesota is starting to blowout Phoenix. the Suns don't know what hitting them right now.

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