All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

Edwards fouled Luca on a 3 pointer and he make it.

HAHAHA. he misses the FT.

Gobert had the rebound. Why the heck did Minnesota call a timeout?

Minnesota 105 Dallas 100. They'll be back home Thursday night.

Anthony Edwards with 29 and Towns with 25.

So will the TNT guys give Gobert and Towns any credit for the win? Or talk about how awful Kyrie and Luka were? They were 13 for 39.

Yeah right.😄
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No sweep. Played poorly for large stretches, but came through. Plane to MN, plane to Dallas, plane to MN, plane to Boston.
It's been some really dumb plays that almost cost them the game tonight and did cost them the three previous games. Some of them by our best players, Edwards and Towns. Both took some bad fouls. Good win tonight and this is not over if they can get some swagger going. Win the next and Dallas begins to question themselves a little...maybe?

‘I just couldn’t see much’: His vision finally restored, Kyle Anderson is again playing a big role in Timberwolves success

Just prior to the all-star break, Anderson felt a true breakthrough. In road games in Los Angeles and Portland he felt like he could see more.

“When I catch the ball,” he said, “I can see the rim.”

That does help...

“He’s out there. I was dribbling the ball,” Edwards recalled. “I damn sure was about to shoot it.”

Then he made eye contact with Anderson, who was vehemently waving in Towns’ direction. That was where the ball needed to go.

“I’m like, ‘OK, cool,’” Edwards said.

The guard passed it over the top of the defense to Towns. Anderson used his body to prevent Dallas guard Kyrie Irving from entering Towns’ air space, and Towns calmly knocked down another triple – the third of four he hit Tuesday – to put the Wolves up by five.

“Kyle made that play happen tonight,” Towns said. “He made a lot of plays happen.”

On both ends of the floor. Defensively, Anderson has the length, physicality and craft to be able to put up as good of a fight against Luka Doncic as anyone on Minnesota’s roster.

But, offensively, Anderson is a particularly needed cog – especially in this series, especially with the game on the line. Throughout the first three games of the Western Conference Finals, Minnesota struggled to generate any sort of good offense with the contest in the balance. But Anderson helped direct a number of possessions like the one that ended in that open Towns’ corner triple.

“I mean, some of it is just Kyle with the freedom that we give him to run the offense,” Wolves coach Chris Finch said. “He got us into some really clever stuff tonight. Just understanding how to get guys involved.”

In this series, Anderson has 14 assists to just two turnovers. He had four dimes and zero giveaways Tuesday. Over the course of the four games, Anderson is one of just three Wolves players with a positive net rating – Minnesota is out-scoring Dallas by 1.3 points per 100 possessions when he’s on the floor – and he touts the team’s lowest turnover ratio and highest assist ratio..
It was as though Anderson was passing to where he assumed Reid was, because he didn’t exactly know where Reid was.

“I just couldn’t see much. I couldn’t make reads. In some arenas, it would be blurry. The lights would mess with me from up top,” Anderson said. “San Antonio, in particular, it was very hard for me to see.”

It was Game 4 of the first round of the West playoffs a year ago when Anderson – in the midst of one of his best seasons to date – was inadvertently smacked across the face by Edwards. Anderson missed Game 5, which Denver won to end Minnesota’s campaign.

But Anderson’s issues remained. His eye was severely injured. Doctors within the state raised questions as to whether Anderson would be able to continue his playing career. The forward admitted he was “spooked.”

Additional opinions received in California and Pennsylvania suggested otherwise and Anderson did have surgery on the eye in mid-May..

He deserves all the criticism he has gotten for his play in the first 3 games, but I don't know how someone can watch last night's game and think that the key to making the next step is trading KAT.

He deserves all the criticism he has gotten for his play in the first 3 games, but I don't know how someone can watch last night's game and think that the key to making the next step is trading KAT.
I don't know. That's one good game after 3 pathetic ones. It reminds of McDaniels. Can we ever get some day in and day out consistency.

This was a total offensive foul that the NBA says they are trying to rid of. But look at his feet. Both of his feet are inside the 3 point line. He somehow gets both feet behind the three point line without traveling. That is traveling all day and all night. I mean look at it.

Oh, and the exact same thing happened on his game winner. A total travel.


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