All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

Boston is going to be waiting for about 2 weeks.

Just rewatched the draft video. ‘Dooooodie. Eeeeeebeee.’ Why wouldn’t the commissioner know how to pronounce the kids name? So wolves.

Seriously Luka need to somehow get T up. he already complaining to the refs right now. blah blah blah. T him up please.
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Have the ball, up 9, with 20 seconds.....we turn it over and they get 2

That's a summation of the series right there.

Feels like we are up 15............NOT

I give up. 2 left handed shot puts go in for Dallas and their backups can't miss from 3.

They keep leaving a guy open to chase the ball and they have no concept of how the shot clock works.

It's frustrating.

Edwards badly misses a shot then goes done and commits a stupid foul.

He's 22 but sometimes he plays like he' 14.

Doesn't have to be. KAT lowered his shoulder and barged into him

Okay that time Gobert is standing there with his arms straight-up and Luka goes right into him. Does Luka get the foul? No, Rudy gets it.

Van Gundy:"They need to go after Luka nd the defensive end"

How? He stands away from the action and doesn't guard anybody.

So tired of the end of qtr meltdowns.

Me too. Looks like the problem is the coaching staff is far more worried about Edwards, Towns and Gobert getting extra fouls that they're benched. Which means that the bench players are out there and they can't really handle the ball or score.

Dallas has walked to the lane and scored on 4 of 5 sets to start the half with 2 dunks.


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