2023-2024 College Basketball Coaches Hired/Fired Thread

I like Nagy, but he's sure taken a strange path. He turned down opportunities to leave SDSU for years, then when he finally did went to Wright State, a pretty marginal step up. Now from Wright State to Southern Illinois. Another pretty marginal upgrade.
My guess is lifestyle decisions. He could have taken a trajectory into high major and made conscious decisions not to take that route.

The Valley is a perfect situation for him. High quality ball without the stress and politics of power 5. My guess is part of his secret sauce is knowing himself and his niche. At those levels, it is easier to just coach and not get sucked in by the other stuff.

What a strange world we live in. Mack is a top-shelf coach.
True but he was major league stressed out at Louisville. Great at Xavier. Not as confining a fish bowl. I think this a great match up of coach and program. Fits his personality much better.

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