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    Odds on Tiger

    Some of you young folk probably were still on the bottle or worse when Tiger was great, at his best, say 25 year ago. Then I'd have said his odds were maybe 1 in 5, something like that. What would you say Tiger's odds of winning the Masters are now? And don't be afraid to invoke the law of...
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    West Virginia Fans React to Minnesota Loss

    I remember the bad old days, the 70s, Nebraska 45, Gophers 3 end of first half.
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    Damn Gophers, you can't suck this bad. Get it together, 14 - 0 is not insurmountable.
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    Contract Extension for Fleck

    Well well worth it. He's a good coach, period. And a good U of Minn football coach who wins is worth about his weight in gold. Ties the whole alumni community together, even old timers who graduated many decades ago, were still Gophers too. And he sets an example of character and leadership.
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    Uniforms vs. Illinois

    1960-62 Redux Except all white pants, not tan, white jerseys, maroon, gold, maroon shoulder stripes, white helmets, maroon, gold, maroon center stripe. No names, front and back jersey numbers only, gold edged in maroon. No more than two facebars on helmets.
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    What were you able to enjoy in the prime of its existence?

    The Rolling Stones, say touring the U.S. 72 - 78. They are aged or dead shadows of their former selves now and pre- 50s or so don't have a clue.
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    Injuries against NW

    6'4"? Shoot. the 295 is fine of course, but I was thinking more the bowling ball concept, you know its harder to stop a 295 bowling ball moving at say 15 mph than a 6'3" 220 lb running back at 22 mph+ low center of mass, no legs to chop
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    Injuries against NW

    Bryce Williams was enough. Down to two freshmen RBs now. Where on the team might there be others who can carry the ball if if those two get injured? Got to have contingency plans. Of course, theres the "running backer" kid who scored the 24 yd final td, thats 1. Then they could look to the...
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    Post-Game Reaction Thread: Gophers Dominate Northwestern

    Congrats of course... down to 2 freshmen running backs now and still ticking... oh and the double-duty linebacker-halfback who scored the final 16 yd. touchdown!
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    Motorcycycle Talk

    No, visor down for me and polycarbonate to deflect road debris that comes flying up. Motorcycling can be very dangerous but less so if you stay out of dangerous situations, like rush hour traffic where there's no escape routes except possibly splitting lanes. And thunderstorms. OH, and the...
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    Motorcycycle Talk

    Definitely yes, and whitish to reflect the summer sun. Black is a heat sink.
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    Shots Fired by PJ Fleck on His Culture Critics

    Souhan had to write about something and naturally his mind went to the trash heap.
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    Motorcycycle Talk

    Well hip protectors are everywhere online as are even more crucial spine protectors--all the way up to the helmet's reach. But dam, I drove my SUV the southern route on U.S. 70 from Charles Town, WV to near just west of Mpls. 1200 miles and I only contended with Columbus, Indianapolis, Dayton...
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    Motorcycycle Talk

    Does anyone ride a motorcycle crosscountry on freeways and stuff, around big cities? Its like NASCAR time at rush hour around the cities and theres no where to go, no progress to be made, people driving like maniacs.. And then Thunderstorms, what about those?

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