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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Hows kindergarten and all working out folks?
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    What should happen to General Milley right now..............

    zeus is the god of the stupid, being the stupidest M-f-e-r on planet earth or any other.
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    U.S. Capitol Police to erect temporary fencing ahead of "Justice for J6" rally

    Keep it cheap and simple: the old bicycle stands and police tape with signs: "Warning: Do Not Cross or You Will Be Fired Upon" And a few dozen vetted national guardsmen at Capitol elevations with machine guns.
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    Hunting Wolf Hunters

    I won't do it if it means getting in trouble, but is it possible a State could pass a law legalizing hunting wolf hunters with proper permits and authorizations? What sport that would be, and of course the wolf hunters would be armed and entitled to self defense.. This is timely because word...
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Cut the crap. This things behaving like it was designed for special work. Its not natural.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    DurdSkull Phillips, Prey thee, Theeth a jangle, jaws slung free, Down your hallway While you slumber while you dream He draweth neigh His black cloak streams
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    Taliban's down the list of worries. Check the Drudge stories lately. Masks don't work good. Vaccinations aren't working so good either. Delta may be deadlier too. And Taliban fighters are boarding commercial airlliners by the tens of thousands, armaments stowed as luggage. Well, I made...
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    Delta Variant - Are We Ready For A Repeat Im tired of this foolishness. Im in WV, anyone can concealed carry without a permit. If I was up front advising people to wear masks or even ordering there kids to wear them and a mob of crazies...
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    Delta Variant - Are We Ready For A Repeat

    Face masks won't stop it: Pray to Jehovah
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    What is fundamentally wrong with these radical Talibanis and how do we combat it? Dr. what is it? The women folk aren't waving rifles over their heads so maybe its testosterone thats fueling it. Air drop vaporized estrogen they'd' all inhale unbeknownst?
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    Domestic Terror Attack - Please Post All Possible Charges and Those Charged Here!!!

    I'd have to replay the tape but I don't think police had their lives threatened in the BLM riots like in the Capitol assault, where several actually died. That's where use of deadly force seems to have been called for in response but for some reason withheld.
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    Mike Lindell Loses It On CNN Reporter As His Cyber Symposium Disintegrates

    Great Trump running mate, 2024. He'd dominate any VP debate simply by BLOWING Hard as if his pillow was inflatable.
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    Delta Variant - Are We Ready For A Repeat

    The Earth is Coming to an End. I merely sound the alert.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Boys, I got bad news. Now sit yourselves down there..... This is a Space virus injected here by miniature drone craft released from a mother ship now stationary behind Jupiter. They aim to wipe us out without harming other flora and fauna with which they have no quarrel. These little virus...
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    ok, so todays Wednesday, August 18th if Im not mistaken. I bought a 15 oz can of green beans, Del Monte Blue Lakes for $3.37 Lets see what their going for as time goes on.

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