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    AD = Schedule maker for a day

    I'd really like to see the Gophers play Army in Michie stadium. I've wanted to see a game there for some time but I don't think I'd make the trip w/o a compelling reason.
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    Luke needs your help

    This has to be the oddest thread. Do any of the "loewe's GoFundMe is begging posters" think that the athletic department is just a bunch of beggars because they ask for the public's donations to pay for athletes equipment to play collegiate sports? If so where is the clearly needed thread...
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    Kristoff Kowalkowski signs with St. Thomas...

    Do you think that ZA walked on here because his offers weren't commitable? I.e. what makes you so sure FAU? and central Michigan weren't commitable
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    Kristoff Kowalkowski signs with St. Thomas...

    I don't disagree and what you said is aside the point. St Thomas is by definition a D1 football school and KK had offers from schools with scholarships
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    Kristoff Kowalkowski signs with St. Thomas...

    By definition St Thomas is a D1 team and other D1 teams with scholarships did want him as well
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    Kristoff Kowalkowski signs with St. Thomas...

    Got to imagine that UW's club lacrosse team wouldn't hold a candle to em. #rolltoms
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    Houston Baptist DT transfer Kyler Baugh commits to the Gophers!

    I believe that it has to be enrolled at any college. You can take a post-graduate year at a prep school for example and not start your 5 year clock
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    Frost Melt - all things 2022 Nebraska implosion thread

    I wasn't being sarcastic at all. Martinez's play consistently led to excruciating defeats for the Huskers. Michigan State and Minnesota come to mind immediately.
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    2024 4-star I'Marion Stewart visiting Gophers today

    I think we were getting visits from this calibre of athlete before -- but not once they had the michigan tier offer. An example that comes to mind is Jalen Mayfield. To have someone with good offers already come visit us is unheard of.
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    STrib: Despite departures, Gophers look promising at running back

    He currently has 3 to play 3, so yes two more years of playing eligibility after this season as he redshirted in '19, '20 doesn't exist -- so for all intents and purposes he was a RS FR last year
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    Frost Melt - all things 2022 Nebraska implosion thread

    probably an easier task than beating them with martinez
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    Minnesota OC Kirk Ciarrocca: 'We know we have to improve throwing the football'

    Is that accurate -- I think it's on the quarterback to control that. I don't think Russell Wilson is someone who gets a ton batted down (could be wrong) edit:
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    1st open practice today 4/5/22

    Other than the last two years Ramadan has never overlapped with spring ball
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    1st open practice today 4/5/22

    It always looks like he is pushing the ball, if you want to see someone with some zip on his throws I'd recommend going to UST's spring practices to checkout Kowalkowski
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    DT Smith Flips to Notre Dame

    That's not really true. Smith signed away his NLI rights to someone and that deal stipulated he had to make in person appearances in bloomington on tuesday nights he's essentially bound to play for minnesota or make no NLI money.

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