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    Cortez LeGrant - New PWO Commitment

    reminds me of this... When Tim Brewster does a pushup, he pushes the earth down....
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    How did Coyle let this happen?

    Ben Johnson is no different than Tim Brewster. Neither should have been hired for Head Coach of the Gophers. I supported Timmy (who at least gave us some really good mic moments...your chili hot yet...gotta give some to get some, etc...) Haven't heard any of those gems from Ben yet. Guess...
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    Wow: Kirk Ciarrocca Takes OC Job at Rutgers

    I think another one that rarely gets mentioned but is huge is play designing. Designing great plays and schemes are what differentiates a good OC from a great OC. KC was lacking in this area.
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    Kicking Situation

    Agree with this. Why he wasn't already kicking field goals is a PJ mystery.
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    Winston DeLattiboudere — New D-Line Coach?

    Great Eliteness! I met his family at the Outback bowl and had a great conversation with them! I fully endorse this hire. Thanks for agreeing with me PJ!
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    Opt outs

    Nobody has to flip hamburgers or drive a truck either. The thing is that if you do those things, your employer has a say in what you do, when you do it, how you do it, etc...
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    I think that the perception problem with Cousins is two fold. First he hasnt "won" any championships yet. Second, his extra large salary was deemed a real problem in the world of salary caps and made it difficult to put a quality team around him... aslo a huge part of the no championships...
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    What does "play to win" look like in a game - how is it different than "playing not to lose?"

    I think the difference is primarily which side of the score you are on. You can only play to "not lose" if you are leading. If you are acting like you can't wait for the clock to run out and are dragging your feet, it gives the impression that the energy level is low. That may or may not be...
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    Opt outs

    What do you think is going to happen when the players are considered employees? And what happens when they are told they have to play because employees are required to work for their pay? And on and on... etc, etc, etc... One thing that may happen...(MAY Happen) with NIL effect is that the...
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    Vikings game

    Vikings against Buffalo... One team will break their jinx. They are each 0-4. I'd watch just to see who loses!
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    NDSU & SDSU still alive in FCS playoffs

    Were they playing in Georgia with Georgia high school refs??
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    Four-star Arizona DB Steven Ortiz Jr. commits to the Gophers

    Did you also know that 90% of the putts that are left short don't drop? And trees are 91.2% air?
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    Markus Allen Commits to the Gophers

    He just couldn't bear to be without the AXE !!! Saw the writing on the wall for his next three years and made the move!! He'll be the one parading the axe around the stadium next year! Go Gophers!!
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    I repent

    Actually I think a large Stein blow to the noggin fits better!!
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    No Penalties

    There was clear targeting on Kaliakmanis on the play he had to come out for. I truly expected a booth review and it never happened!

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