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    Wilt to Indiana

    The Phillip John Fleck coaching tree is growing "like a weed"
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    Hole Poll: 5 years to the day, what grade would you give the PJ Fleck hire?

    Went with "A" I don't believe any other coach that was available at the time would have been able to do as good a job as Fleck has. Both on and off the field he has made major positive differences in the program, the perception of the program and in young men's lives!
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    Five years ago today, P.J. Fleck was named Gophers football head coach! What is your favorite football memory since then?!

    Outback Bowl and Auburn for me. I don't get the opportunity to attend many games and this one I did...and Fleck and the Gophers gave me a memory that I will cherish forever! Lots of others as well, but the in person experience put this one on top!
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    Vanderbilt transfer DT Lorenza Surgers commits

    LOL!!! Living R E N T free in your head now!
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    Vanderbilt transfer DT Lorenza Surgers commits

    As a Prospect 247SPORTS COMPOSITE® 0.7882 NATL.2616History WDE133 NC
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    All Things Ben Johnson Tweets

    I think it is the Championship banner!
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    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    Agreed. The SEC Championship game was an SEC setup..... rigged all the way to get Alabama and Georgia into the final four. I f Georgia had won that game, Notre Dame or some other unwanted would have been in there....
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    POLL!!!! - Better Minnesota Football Coach?

    Bud Granite has that chiseled look and a great chin!
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    Conference USA First Team transfer CB Beanie Bishop Commits

    The only thing I would add to this is time on the clock. If there is a need for time savings, a fair catch is the way to go. Returns take 5-10 seconds or more off the clock that maybe could be used for point generation...
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    Blaise declares for draft

    So could Tom Brady per last nights game. Bucs become Gopher South!!
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    YTTV dropped ESPN

    I guess my e-mail this morning was the catalyst for them making a deal. I'll take the credit anyway... LOL
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    YTTV dropped ESPN

    Thanks for all the responses and ideas. What an F'nnnn circle jerk this whole media circus is. Just when you think you've got it figured out and working the way you want, some overpaid CLOWN ceo "fixes" it. The obsession with "getting a bigger slice of the money pie" has ruined and made major...
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    YTTV dropped ESPN

    WE also spend a lot of time in our RV so streaming YTTV was great .... all our saved and recorded shows available everywhere, etc.... Is FUBO essentially the same as YTTV?

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