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    Game Time, TV, weather, etc...

    Ok, so I can’t find a game time or TV station. Can someone help a brother out? A “Minnesota vs. Michigan” google search result says the game starts at 5am (my pacific Time, 7am local). This has to be a mistake.
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    ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit would be ‘shocked’ if college football happens this fall

    100% agree. However, there will be many bumps along the road to implementing something like this. There are too many libertarian-minded folks who will lose their collective shit over 'state measures to control us' even when those measures are safe and logical. What's the version of "from my...
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    ESPN: Grand Valley State suspends OC Morris Berger for wanting meal with Adolf Hitler

    Did I miss the part of the story where the OC was thrown in prison by the government?
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    BYU schedule

    How will the weather in Murfreesboro impact this game?
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    Citrus, Holiday, and Outback Attendance

    Agreed. I was at both. More gopher fans at the Outback Bowl.
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    11th most watched Bowl

    It’s all extrapolated based on sampling.
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    Let's meet our new co-OC, Mike Sanford Jr (Matt Simon annouced as other co-OC)

    Recruiter: Hey, do you want to come and play for Notre Dame? Player: Sure.
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    From the Auburn perspective.....

    He wasn't able to keep up with our B1G speed.
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    From the Auburn perspective.....

    I spoke to two different Auburn fans who were worried about a let down. "Sometimes we don't show up for bowl games."
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    Bill Connelly’s advanced box score for Outback Bowl - 98% win expectancy

    From an O and D standpoint, the game was basically 31-14. Auburn got 10 of their points by only gaining like 10 yards of offense (short-field FG and KO return). It was a beat-down.
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    Raymond James Stadium - What was it like?

    Concrete, wide and clean. Lots of openness to the outside. Very 'no frills' with painted concrete blocks as walls. Didn't buy much but seems like a good mix of standard stadium fare with the occasional trendy cart mixed it. Fairly decent leg room. Felt like Target Field seats. Pretty narrow...
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    "At the Game" Thread

    Bottom bowl was completely full. Upper deck on Auburn's side had a bell-curve shape in the middle three sections. All four upper deck corners were filled with high-school band members. I couldn't see the Minnesota side upper deck, but it sure felt like we had more people than they did. Seemed...
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    Chip: A message to the Gophers football team: Don't hold anything back

    If we go down, go down swinging. Leave it all on the field.
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    Ticket Sold Update

    MN fans outnumbered Auburn fans at least 20-1 at the parade. It wasn't even close. I'm guessing most Auburn fans are driving in Tuesday.
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    I'm not playing so it doesn't matter.

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