In terms of the Super 60 ones I would put it as follows..

I say cross Vukosa, Hall, Bjorn, Byles all off the list of possibilities. Likely going top 5-7 teams.

Maddyn I would sadly say less than 5% chance they land her and that might be generous

Kussow- Heard Iowa the favorite but would put at less than 20-25% chance they get her

Unknown in Cradle.

Sheplee and Koupal I would say around or just under 50% chance at. Sheplee likely staying close to home (Iowa, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Gophers)

and Koupal has a long standing connection with our staff back to their south dakota days but every school is after her.

Lee Lee Bell--hard to read so unknown chances but they are recruiting her hard.

Tori Oehrlein is likly their best chance at a top 60 player at this time. Likely among the favorites to get her.
Kusso should be a top priority. However, I’m hearing Michigan.

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