Postgame Thread: Gophers Lose to North Carolina

Defense was OK. I didn't love their Drop-8 plan on every third down in the 1st half. Also, no real lane integrity up front. Our edges were soft and their QB took advantage. We have some playmakers on D, though.

Running the ball effectively with Taylor was great to see. I don't see what Tyler gives us, at all. In the running game, the drop off behind Taylor is huge. What ever happened to Evans? Our OL is OK. Boe is the weakest link and it's because he's just not an athlete. If Johnson is pushing for reps inside he's either a budding superstar, or someone in there isn't cutting it in the eyes of the coaches. Carroll in pass protection is rough to watch.

I thought we'd lose this game, but i hoped we'd be competitive. Everyone has something to fix right now. The coaching needs to be better, the QB & WR need to be better, pass protection needs to be better, & the secondary needs to be better. Did Nubin even play on Saturday? The only time i noticed him was when he was later over the top on a deep ball.

We'll win 5 or 6 but i don't see this team upsetting a top-level squad this year. I hope i'm wrong.
Nubin had 7 tackles, his most in a game so far. They picked on Gousby all day and kept the ball away from Nubin. Very smart gameplanning from UNC.

Have some GT fans I keep up with after the 2018 bowl game. They offered that NC is certainly legit and if anything was holding them back the past few years was lack of execution. Unfortunately for us, they seemed to get that figured out on Saturday.

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