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  • Staff, I would like to move my thread Motorcycle Talk from Politics to Pop Culture, Grab Bag
    Make an all things Malik Rucker thread! I don't think Rucker is going to make a commitment anytime soon, and it would be helpful to have one place where we could post everything. Thanks.
    Was going to ask this in the "Official Becky Pregame Threat" but thought it would be better to ask here. Why don't we do a similar bet with buckyville in men's basketball? Could make it more fun since we play them twice. Whomever loses each game has to change the banner for three days or something.
    Please delete unregistered user posts on ndsu sellout thread he posted my record and threatened personal info?? How dirty of him im not hurting anyone, my boss might google this and.see it. please? Thanks
    Good idea Schnoodler, we'll try to move that one from the thread to the top of the board. We may just keep it up for a week or so, but we'll work on the specifics of the timing. Thanks for your continued involvement in GH and your posts.
    I think it would be a good idea to have a picture of Terry Hoese on top of the football forum page for a while. Even the whole year. The one Highway posted in the RIP thread is a good one.
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