Postgame Thread: Gophers Lose to North Carolina

Will the state of MN have any great football teams in town this year? Not feeling very good...

I know it's inevitable, but posting this before the game is officially over is not the move.

I thought we would be more competitive but getting burned on two long TD’s, not converting our two TO’s to touchdowns n a horrible pass offense leads to the big loss.

What say I?

I have never been more down on this program than I am now. We are so far away athletically. We were going to have this hot shot qb and passing game, laughable. We literally can't score for another year. 13 points against Nebraska's crap defense and 13 more against this one.

It's just painful and boring to watch. Thank gawd for a couple of picks today or they put 45 on us. The defense played an offense today and basically got demolished. No pass rush again.

Nothing changes.


I'm always a gopher fan and will watch the games, but this is just pathetic.

Literally worried about scoring and beating friggin Northwestern next week. Then again, does it matter?

I've never watched a football team that has such an awful passing attack. I mean every time we drop back for a pass I hold my breath because there is a 90% chance something bad happens. It is so hard to root for this team I swear to god. Nothing changes. As soon as we go down it basically feels like we lost. There is nothing more headache inducing than watching this offense try and put together an explosive drive. I GET IT the run the ball and control the clock mentality works against bad teams. FIX SOMETHING AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Athan has played awful in every one of his starts other than the Wisco game last year. It is embarrassing watching this offense every week and trying to defend it against the media. Athan has every tool in the world to be good yet he just can't show a single impressive trait. I get it, its hard to be good when you're only asked to throw the ball 12-15 times a game but jesus christ make a throw to a player in stride or by golly look at your second read. How about you put your head down and run when escaping the pocket instead of looking down field while jogging across the line of scrimmage.

How about Brevyn catches a ball every once in while without tipping it to himself three times before getting intercepted, or how about not getting tackled one on one by a guy 7 inches shorter and 100 pounds lighter than you.

Darius Taylor and the Offensive line are the only redeeming parts of this team. I cannot express my annoyance with this offense any more. This play calling is atrocious, point blank period.


Missed opportunity for sure. The defense kept us in the game. The offense was horrible and some of the coaching decisions were baffling.

No way around it.
That was ugly...

I’m going to go against the grain here and take the glass half full approach. We went on the road against a top 20 team and were toe to toe for about 53 minutes. Passing game is a concern, people were fooling themselves if they didn’t think Athan would have some growing pains. We will not see another QB that is nearly as good as Maye, and our defense found a way to keep it competitive. We have also found the next great gopher RB. Disappointing loss? Of course. Discouraging for the rest of the season? I don’t think so.

Poorly executed play calling, QB was lacking anticipation and over throwing all game even with receivers open. Defense could not make plays on 3rd down. Disliked decision down 11 to punt the ball away. That punt is not playing to win. We have no chance if back up Qb's have to play and Athan was not good today. Too many dropped passes. Span-Ford needed to bat the ball not bat it up for INT. North Carolina outplayed and out hustled Gophers which was bad. Gophers could have won this football game with better execution. # 7 Gousby on defense will be found on film every game and picked on, all good teams will exploit him in match-up's.
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Ooof the play of the O (outside of Taylor and the Oline) was hard to watch. Would’ve like to see Taylor on the field during that critical (blown) 3rd and 2 instead of him checking out for Tyler.

O didn’t give much for the D to work with, but other than some blown plays they did ok.

Terrible game all lets win the next 2 and start (continue) conference play.

Only saw the second half. Maye is the real deal. Our passing game needs to step up. Team seemed to lose its composure as well. I'm not surprised by the loss, but "how" one loses is often as important as whether one wins or loses.

The only thing I struggle with is the lack of progress with AK. Every QB has a rough game, but I haven’t seen anything improve with AK, in fact one can argue he has regressed since the Wisconsin game last year.

Not off the band wagon but would like to see some improvement in the QB play.

Defense did its part. Held NC to 31 points.

Offense a total cluster. Taylor is a bright spot. Tanner had bad days too.

Opportunistic my ass

We can’t even beat App State I bet ya

That’s what NC coaches, players, and fans will say

We sucked so bad that App State will be able to beat us!

We’ll be 5-7 for the year if we’re lucky

Grade = F all around, top to bottom, coaches and players, EXCEPT for Henderson & DT! They showed up and played.

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