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This thread doesn't want Shooter writing nonsense about this thread.

Go This Thread!!
This thread has *never* mailed it in, like some Twin Cities newspapermen tend to do.......
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this thread doesn't think coyle knows how to hire basketball coaches.

Thus thread is looking at its on court performance.

This thread is the most interesting at this time of the year.

This thread is jealous of the Ben Johnson is a Disaster thread.

This thread thinks Brown University is manipulating a non existent market by not providing scholarships to football players.

This thread has lasted longer than the tenure of 31 of the 34 Gopher head football coaches going back to 1883!!

This thread does not like football games being influenced by hurricanes

This post could cause Big 10 to depart from its traditional smash mouth style.

Just when you think this thread has seen its darkest hour, this thread picks itself up to enlighten - well everything.

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