oops -- wrong forum

This thread knows how to maximize contract extensions before getting to the difficult portion of the schedule.

This thread 'hates' Indiana for stealing it's place at the 1967 Rosebowl. This thread also wants to win the BigTen West before Indiana wins the BigTen East...

This thread is wearing Sunglasses so you don’t judge how different this thread looks.

This thread needs to stand next to Mike Morris


This thread wants a March Madness live check in from Aggie Vision!

The Aggie bball team are ball players. It’s who they are. It’s in their blood. Turning from boys to men before our very eyes.

Ol’ Jer is already making big things happen in Las Cruces

This thread hates my bracket as much as I do.

Where was this thread when I needed it? Seemed to have disappeared for a while.

this thread wants an nil deal or it will move to a different forum.

This thread wants @BigGameBoomer to create a list of the Top 50 "Oops" threads on message boards and this thread better be damn well ranked first.

Go This Thread!!

This thread is tired of the MSU upset thread.

This thread knows the Gophers will win!

This thread is wondering how the historic Spartan Stadium became just a woodshed.

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