oops -- wrong forum

this thread doesn’t need nil money to be happy on this message board

This thread is looking forward to the Louisiana Championship Season

There should be another wrong forum thread here and this thread won't stick around this forum either without NIL money.

This thread knows that PJ's in game coaching is unrivaled

This thread is up by three scores with 14:23 left in the game, so.... wait for it..... time out!

This thread keeps hoping for next year. Even if it misses every game and is now wondering how a 5-7 team makes a bowl game

This thread wants you to respect it's decision.

This thread will not miss Logan Fife commitment. This thread will live longer than Logan Fife playing college football.

This thread predicts Pain for the Payne thread.

2024 and still No rivals!

This thread does not want to interupt its annviersary trip to talk about the possibility of merging into a UCLA thread. This thread hopes to be going strong, in Minneapolis, for another ten years. At least.

were you looking for the whining and complaining forum or the weeping and gnashing of teeth forum?
It never changes. It's such a meltdown on the basketball forum now (after the Iowa game) that I had to leave for a few days. I can't take it.

Just when our progress seemed to be ahead of schedule...now it's back to calling on the coach to be fired again. It's unhinged.

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