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Sweet & Hoffs covering the R.E.M. classic, Sitting Still.

I'm glad they could figure out the lyrics, I have even heard Stipe say sometimes he wasn't sure what the actual words are.
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I will not apologize for thinking this is the greatest cover version of any song. Ever.


From his Georgia Blue covers/tribute effort, here's Jason Isbell with R.E.M.'s Nightswimming


If this hasn't already been posted, I came across this tonight as I'm digging through some long ago saved music pieces, Angelique Kidjo covering The Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime". According to the article, she re-made the entire Remain in Light album, so this is a taste of it:

Going back to their shows at the Uptown Bar & Grill, Golden Smog covering the Faces has always been a crowd favorite. Here they are at what I think is the Basilica Block Party in 1996.

Glad and Sorry

Recently at 1st Ave, not much worse for wear.


While heading down the rabbit hole on youtube, I found this Monkees classic covered often by Westerberg during his Eventually tour. Audio only. Daydream Believer


My Idea was on Evan Dando's woefully underrated Baby I'm Bored solo effort. It is a cover of someone named Chris Brokow, and is sadly beautiful.

Here it is paired with the Lemonheads It's About Time which is not a cover, unless you count solo efforts that were originally band efforts as they do on Probably too complicated of an effort for the computer to sort out.


30 years ago, almost exactly to the day, the Gear Daddies rolled into Northfield. They were playing in front of the Carleton student union in the common area on a wonderful late spring evening. As a townie, pretty easy to crash, just throw on a Knights t-shirt and blend right in. Nobody was checking my SAT score.

I figured this may be the last time, perhaps, to see them ever. They announced that they were calling it quits and their final shows were fast approaching.

After maybe 2 songs, a couple of coeds screamed a request for a cover. Martin Zellar, politely let them down and declined. Song after song they pleaded, even though the guys from Austin were clicking with originals from their 2 albums to the rest of the audience's approval. He explained with only a few shows left, they wanted to focus on their own stuff.

The girls did not relent. Equal parts charming and annoying.

By the time they returned for an encore, Zellar shrugged and simply stated, "You win."

Jessie's Girl

It took a decade, but they did eventually reform for reunion shows. Still a good time.
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Evan Dando performing perhaps my favorite Jayhawks tune. Settled Down Like Rain


Sean Ono Lennon with a beautiful tribute to Paul.

Here, There and Everywhere


It's well documented the degree to which Billie Joe reveres The Replacements. Here they are paying tribute to another MPLS stalwart Husker Du with Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely:

They slyly cut some video of Grant, Greg and Bob in there. Respect. Makes sense given the power/punk/pop trio nature of both bands.
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Along comes Mary: Tandyn Almer wrote it. Here are versions from The Association and Hugh Masekela.


John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful) transforms Prison Wall Blues by Cannon's Jug Stompers into Younger Girl. The Critters did a charting cover. It was probably the harmonica that did it.


Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit covering The Allman Bros, Whipping Post.

Looks like it was a fine night to be in Milwaukee. Amanda shreds the fiddle.

More Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit. Here's their contribution to the Metallica Blacklist effort.

Sad But True


This caught my ear as NBC used this version in a promo for the Bucs/Tom Brady.

Beck covering NY.

Old Man

Well, dang it I wished I lived in Chicago. At least yesterday anyway.

Wilco announced a surprise show yesterday at a Chicago dive honkey tonk bar, called Carol's Pub (7 PM). Capacity 200. It sold out so they added a 2nd show (9 PM). Only $25.

I watched the majority of the 2nd performance via Live Stream on Instagram. Then I got a notice at 11 PM, which I assumed was a repeat of the earlier performance. Nope, they added a 3rd show.

And I thought Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit announcing his 1st Ave gig just 2 weeks ahead of time was short notice.

Each set opened with Dylan's Tonight I Will Be Staying Here With You.


Coldplay covering PJ Nothingman


Not 1, but 2 guitar heroes shredding in Hendrix old stomping grounds. Mike McCready joined Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit for Little Wing.

Willie Nelson not only covered Kermit the Frog, the 2001 album this appeared on as the title track scored a Grammy nomination.

Rainbow Connection


Here you go Ope. Complete with Murph on Drums.

Really cool! Not sure why, but I missed out on the Car Button tour when Murph was in the Lemonheads lineup.

Back in the day I was a big enough fan to camp out overnight for Bob Seger tix. Great show at Met Center in 1986.

Flash forward to 2017 and I passed on buying one for his farewell tour at Xcel. I had a prior engagement, Wilco a few blocks up the road at the Palace.

Unfortunately Bob had to postpone the tour due to back surgery. Worked out for me though, I made it to the 2018 reschedule. It was a wonderful sendoff.

The Silver Bullet Band didn't play this that night but here they are covering Wilco/Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie.

California Stars

Here's "Respectable": Original version written and sung by the Isleys in 1959. (You try writing a great song sampling lyrics from "Three Men in a Tub").

And then we have the Outsiders version charting in 1966. There was also a version by the Yardbirds; but it was recorded live and lacks the 2:00 minute drive of the Isleys and the Outsiders.


With all due respect to everything posted in this thread, this may top all covers. Elvis taking on Simon & Garfunkel, and leaning into his gospel roots.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

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Like many folks who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, I often go back to my favorite oldies. However, I have a few favorite current groups. One is Cannons. Here is a Harry Styles cover:

Oh man, I had forgotten this exists.


Paul Westerberg taking on Jackson Browne's classic.

These Days

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