BigTen Regular Season Champions Vs. OSU

The BOYS are back!!!!!!! KNIES

Even OSU skaters are pushing the net off.

I meant in games played so far. Obviously down 2-0 to any of the top 6 or so teams will feel bad come tourney time
Being down 2-0 to Michigan only scares me cause they can go get 5. Michigan’s D corp does not scare me.

Speaking of Michigan D, Luke Hughes is back

Ben Clymer on the tv broadcast saying he thinks Cooley is back next year. Have no idea how he would know that but it would be amazing.

Nice anticipation, followed by great execution on the goal.

Michigan is your 2 seed, setting up potential 1 2 rematch

What a game, boys. Nice to see the comeback from the majors. This is an exciting team.

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