BigTen Regular Season Champions Vs. OSU


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Nov 20, 2008
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Rarily before have I been so excited for a meaningless regular season game! Wish I would have planned better so that I could be there tonight.

"Let's Play Hockey!!!"

Quinnipiac just keeps winning. Probably no room for lost points this weekend.

Why am I getting this? I can't see the game on ESPN. Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 8.23.14 PM.png

Two more penalties on one play (trip and delay of game) uncalled. Un fucking believable.

I wish my job had zero accountability for horrible performance like Big Ten hockey refs year in and year out.

Fuck this. Same thing happened in the Big Ten Championship

Feels like we've left a couple goals on the table so far. Hope we can start to convert those.

They miss LaCombe on the power play. His ability to work down the sides make them much more dangerous.

If the Gophers score the roof will explode after that fiasco.

I'd be more willing to give Dobes the benefit of the doubt if he didn't have a European Soccer style flop on top of all that.

Fuck this. Same thing happened in the Big Ten Championship
I was at 2 Michigan games last year and yes, Portillo kicked the net off everytime the Gophers had strong pressure around the net. The net never came off for Close, so it's not a net/moorings problem.

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