BigTen Regular Season Champions Vs. OSU

What a strange first period. There were some nifty looking non-goal efforts and then the two penalties on the goalie. I don't recall seeing that in a gopher game. I recall a Badger goalie getting a misconduct and having to sit in the box; but not two penalties in a period. Anyway, the interference call was a classic and added some juice to the proceedings.

Man, Faber crashing the net was a great way to kick off the scoring

Didn't get a chance to watch, but sounds like goalie kicking the net off was an issue. That gets called so rarely, I'd almost rather the rule change so it is an automatic penalty if a goalie knocks the net off without any contact from another player. Kind of like the defenseman shooting the puck over the glass without a delflection in the NHL: doesn't matter if it was on purpose, you just need to not do it otherwise you get a penalty.

Minnesota hockey is legit. Enjoy the ride!


Over/Under on timing of the first "kick the net off".

Those are not good hits by snuggerud and Knies. Snuggy could be 5. Knies was high.

Of course it was a big missed call at center ice on Jimmy when he was cross checked right to the head. That lead to all of this.

Those seem like the right calls. The refs just can’t miss the play 45 seconds earlier that lead to everything.

Yikes, two fives that will both get investigated.

He's talking about 81 and 89 after the fives are done
Never mind, yes I misunderstood. I thought it was about can they come back after a goal. I'm a little slow............

Ya, not sure why both are still in the game but part of it could be for the sake of the fans...

1 goal on that PP is almost guaranteed. Key will be keeping it to 1
I thought 89 would for sure get 5 and a game. 81 was more questionable and maybe should not have been a 5, but was for sure a penalty. Refs realized they needed to put a lid on things before they got out of control and this was their opportunity. Not that 81 and 89 didn’t earn both penalties.

Here we thought OSU would goon it up. Gotta be smarter than that.

4 seconds away from giving up 0 goals.

We are looking for regulation wins in the race against Qpac, not OT squeakers anymore.

Gophers seems to be more interested in hitting and chirping then they do just playing their game.

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