All Things Grayson Grove Recruitment Thread (Class of 2024, Alexandria, MN; 6-8, 190lb; Gophers Offered 4/1/23)

Apr 24, 2020
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I really recommend watching his highlights on YouTube (search Alexandira basketball or Grayson Grove or Alexandria vs. Holy Family basketball) and you'll get quite a bit.

I actually think the longer full game highlights (10-15 minutes) are really good from Fresh Coast Hoops. They aren't created to make Grove look good like Grove-specific highlights will do (like they do for every recruit). You get to see him in other people's highlights, playing defense in situations other than highlights (massive blocks/steals).

I went into watching a bunch of his highlights thinking I'd be underwhelmed (maybe just TT/Alex bias, I don't know), but he really impressed me.
I agree, I was in the same boat but came away impressed as well. Watching the fresh coast hoops highlights was interesting as well. Another player jumped off the film in some of his AAU games and after doing a little digging I found out that player was Max Shikenjanski out of Stillwater. He can really shoot the three and pass/create at a high level. I don’t typically follow any high school hoopers that aren’t ranked as “top in state talent” or aren’t discussed on here so I was really surprised to see that he averaged almost 30ppg as a senior and is walking on for the gophers football program. Is there any reason he is walking on for football instead of basketball? I feel like he could actually be a decent contributor off the bench in basketball where as football I just don’t see him having a chance to ever see the field.


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Apr 19, 2010
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The “no other high major offers” is a poor measuring stick due to limited AAU exposure during Covid, multiple recruiting cycles were effected.


Great post and providing good reasoning regarding his recruitment.
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