All Things Gophers 2022-23 Schedule Thread


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Mar 23, 2009
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I've set my expectation as a bubble team(last 4 in, to first 8/10 out). I think we have a pretty big upgrade in talent. We should have two top 15 conference players with Battle and Garcia. We'll have more depth in the front court.

That's why I'm pretty bummed about the OOC schedule. Our SoS is going to be so awful, IMO it's going to take 12/13 wins in the B1G, to be on the bubble, and that's assuming we only lose once against Miss St, UNLV, DePaul, VT(at worse I think we should be 3-1).

Also, I think the B1G takes a step back. Indiana is probably the only team that projects to be better out of the teams that made the tournament. Purdue, Iowa, and Wisconsin all lost lottery picks, OSU lost 2 draft picks. Michigan lost 2 draft picks. MSU lost 3 of their 4 best players. I think its going to be a down year. We'll see how it plays out.
The other teams in conference may have lost some talent but they have replaced that talent with new players who are rated higher than our new players on balance.

I hope that Johnson will be able to mold our talent into a high-functioning team based on the how the team performed last year under similar circumstances. My gut tells me that we still need a lot of IFS to fall into place to be bubblicious in March 2023. I will be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong!

I hesitate to even play this game but a 12-8 team in conference will have likely beaten some top 25 programs and, depending on how things play out and avoiding any bad losses, will likely be flirting with be ranked themselves. I think 12-8 takes them off the bubble.

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