2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

lol.....that old dude taking pictures on the sidelines of the Nebraska/Indiana game got smished.

Indiana was up 17-16. Nebraska is up 50-27 going into half. I'll do the math for you: 34-10 run.

Nebraska goes on a 17-0 run to end the first half.....just smoking Indiana 50-27. Shooting is on fire. 12/20 from three.

Mike Woodson gets ejected late in the game…not one person on the bench even looked at him as he walked off. Zero support.

Wow. Virginia blows a bunch of free throws including a 1/1 with about six seconds remaining. NC State players throws up a prayer that banks in to send the game to OT. Wild.

Long Beach St over #1 seed UC Irvine, 83-79. Saturday, Long Beach St plays #2 UC Davis in the Big West title game. Dan Monson is still coaching.

#10 NC State beats #7 Syracuse
#11 BC beats #6 Clemson

#10 Kansas State beats #7 Texas
#11 Cincinnati beats #6 Kansas

#10 Stanford beats #7 California

Upsets ruling the day. Let's continue this tomorrow and send Izzo packing.
LOL. Let's add "no excuses" too, right? Such patriotic Gopher fans!!

You're downplaying your own brain. And you're downplaying the NCAA Tournament.
Not at all. I understand that computers are programed by people, just like any media. Is it your stance you've never been influenced by media?

Conference tournaments ultimately decide entry and seeding in the tournament. A big part of it has always been the underdogs and their run to get there. Also, conference tournaments are useful for reference when filling out NCAA brackets, which is arguably the biggest part of the tournament.

Who cares. I'd rather do something else than worry about computers. That's not healthy.

One of the NIT selection criteria is based on your NET ranking. I'm not worried about computers. But the people that choose these things are. To think otherwise is dumb. Yet you continue to.

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