2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

Temple doing everything they can to hold off (or give the game to) FAU... Up 4, just fouled Davis shooting a 3 with 30 seconds

Crazy! Temple up 1 with 8 seconds left, misses 2 free throws, and FAU turns it over trying to get the win. Temple advances, someone's bubble bursts.

New Mexico just upset San Diego State for the MW championship. Who their coach, maybe we should give him a call?

We all know UCONN will be the overall #1 seed, but who else joins them? Houston just got wiped by Iowa State, Purdue let's Wisconsin get by them and Tennessee got bounced in the SEC QFs. UNC and NC State are in a tight one right now, also how high do you put Florida if they win the SEC tournament? This is why I love March Madness, sucks that the Gophers are never around when the fun starts.

As for Wisconsin...the ONLY thing that matters is what they do in the NCAA Tournament.

So no need to melt down. A 1st-round exit would MORE than make up for a B1G Tourney title.

The Sweet-16 is a good season though.

Oh boy......MAC Championship gigantic gaffe. Kent State gets a tip in with about 6 seconds remaining to take a 61-60 lead......and one of their guards fouls on the inbounds......not knowing that his team had the lead.

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