2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

One of many head scratching Pitino clunkers, if they had won today, they would have been back in the Top 25.
New Mexico no easy finish either. I think Mtn West will shake up a bit next year. Lon Kugler's son Kevin starts to lock in at UNLV, with a great PG and some other additions. I think next year that conf. only gets stronger. I remember when we used to call them mid-majors. No longer really

As they (Coaches) should. There is no excuse for Indiana to be bad in basketball, especially with financial and donor backing that they get. Brother is an IU guy and per him, the Coaches (Woodson) has lost this team.
I’ll just guess that this has something to do with Woodson transitioning from pro to college. He probably coaches like he has a team of grown men and he’s coaching boys who need to be affirmed and motivated externally. Pros just want to keep a well paying job. Soon he’ll be able to run guys off in the middle of the season though. IU should not act too soon.

BIG Today
Pulling for Maryland over Rutgers
Hope Ohio State takes down Michigan State
Would be nice to see Michigan top Purdue
Confident Gophers can take down Nebraska

Apparently No Battle for Suckeyes today. Who will they find to take the 20 shots he needs to take? 😂

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