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    All Things Tre Holloman Recruitment Thread (Class of 2022)

    Seems like Johnson vs. Izzo (maybe Smart) How many years does Izzo have left in him?
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    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    With all the other DB already committed, gotta wonder if PJ is holding a spot for Tre.
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    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    I'm expecting some great news from this weekends visitors. Would not be surprised to see Evans, Hasert and Smith commit by this time next week.
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    Spring Position Previews: Linebackers

    Not noted in the article was how much bigger Cody Lindenburg looks. In the pictures from practice, he looks to have added some mass. Not surprising for a 19 y/o but a good sign and hopefully helps his performance.
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    New commitment! Coleman Bryson!!!

    I like this guy- smart, good size, speed and could grow into other positions.
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    Ben Johnson is OUR coach thread, he’s got my full support!!!

    I'm on board with Ben as our Coach. He was not on my wishlist, but has the job. I trust Coyle made the best decision he could. He has the most on the line out of any of us.
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    MSU Spartans Presented By Rocket Mortgage

    One really bad "off the field incident" could change all of this. to that point, have all of the MSU rape, abuse and cover up lawsuits been finalized? Wonder if the sponsorship is tied to these aspects of the program?
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    Cleveland State playing at 5:30 CT on ESPNU

    Wow...that is real interesting. I can see why he is mentioned as a strong candidate for BC. How will that fly with a spouse in the AD dept? They have two kids and currently live in different cities now, I assume their preference is to be closer to one another. A BIG pay day is coming for...
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I fully agree with this POV. His players were motivated, selfless and frankly not as good of players as on the other team. These are the qualities that are needed at the U. He is the PJ of the hard wood and would be a great add for Coyle. Just think how well he could recruit to a B1G school...
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    Dennis Gates... He's my pick.

    He has risen to the top of 'my board' as well. The primary reason is his strong ability to relate to players. This translates to better recruiting and getting the most out of players on the court. As mentioned previously, this should raise the programs status with local players, HS and AAU...
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    10 Most Interesting Black Candidates to Replace Pitino!

    If there is going to be a list of this nature, Stan Johnson from Loyola Marymont should be on it. He seems to be a PJ of the hardwood type of guy. In the few games I have watched, he seems to make good adjustments in game and his players seem very motivated.
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    What about Sam "I am" Cassell for Gopher Basketball Coach?

    What about JB Bickerstaff? Austin Hollins?

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