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    College Basketball 2021-2022 Thread

    That Rutgers @ IU game is almost a tournament game
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    Sure, I was just responding to Face the Facts (clearly a board name stolen from mine :) ) comment "Once you're known to be that type of person, it doesn't scrub off." Dirty player, sure, but bad person, no. A good reminder that sports isn't real life.
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    WVU coach - It is tough to play basketball in the Big 12 Conference, we are tired (of travel and time zone changes)

    If Huggy Bear hates the travel now, wait until they add BYU. UCF's travel for hoops is going to be insane.
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    Field of 68 Projection: Michigan Enters Field As Last Team In

    Man, more teams from the WCC than from the Pac-12. I know I'm old because I'm old enough to remember when the P12 was a good basketball conference.
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    Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread

    I have talked to multiple people who know Davison and they all swear he is an amazing person. My former co-worker's daughter went to prom with him, and the co-worker loves Davison. It would seem he is a much different person off the court.
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    Juwan Howard

    According to games, the Big Ten felt Michigan had 7x the culpability. In terms of fines, 4x. So let's settle on the Big Ten feeling Michigan had 5x the blame.
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    Juwan Howard

    The Big 10 seems to agree.
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    Juwan Howard

    HINT: Michigan didn't play Indiana yesterday
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    Gophers hand Nebraska first B1G win of season 78-65

    Wonderboy or Double Team? Both could be effective.
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    Throwing games?

    Michigan is just really good
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    Minnesota football will be without 20 players tonight against Purdue

    A) Sure, but that's why it's notable? If 20 players are out, why is all the money coming in on Minnesota? It was -2.5 yesterday when I looked, then a pick a couple of hours ago when I looked, and is -2 now. B) Sometimes the book moves the line AGAINST how the money is coming in overall...

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