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    Can you name the six schools with more claimed FBS National Championships than the Gophers?

    Can we include the Ivy League from the early days.....I think Yale had a bunch.
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    Things going well at Illinois

    Brett Bielema was a byproduct of coaching for a Wisconsin team that had identity and culture. Barry Alvarez turned the Badger program around and then had his hands all over it when he became AD. Bielema is a garbage coach, proved that at Arkansas and will confirm as Illinois coach. Now...
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    Winning at a .700 Clip

    The defense has also improved dramatically since the Ohio St game to start the season. I really don't like opening up against any BIG team, especially a BIG powerhouse.
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    Cole Kramer

    I found myself yelling at the tv a couple times....Just run the offense....I think Kramer is a nice twist sometimes, the less the better for me.
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    Souhan: It's a losing play for P.J. Fleck to tout his Gophers "culture" over talent

    Souhan is a dink! This is such a bad take on his part, as far as I can tell, he is just jealous of Fleck. It's easy in life to point out successful people's flaws and failures, it's harder to assess our own shortcomings and improve ourselves. I suggest Souhan look in the mirror and strive to...
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    Post Game Thoughts

    Glad to see Brady Boyd get his first pass reception of his career and his on side fumble recovery was clutch. Felt like this was a game that we should have put away by halftime. Glad for the win. Looking forward to attending the game next week, first time in two years.
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    Postgame Observations

    Couldn't agree more, WTF was that?
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    Who are we supposed to fire or bench this week?

    Since MSM went down early with an injury.....(hope he is okay) no need to bench any players this week.
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    After Gophers’ brutal loss, P.J. Fleck finds therapy and players have ‘heart-to-heart’ talk

    I couldn't find anything insightful about this article other than people are still listening to Lover Boy.
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    What’s going on from a Purdue fan

    The home run hire, whether as head coach or OC for Purdue would be the one and only Drew Brees. The 2019 Gophers could have started out 0-3 and then got their shit together. I see Gophers having a couple good games going into the Maryland game.
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    FMK: Fleck, Mason or Kill?

    The fact that Mason is the only coach to have served 10 seasons as head coach since Murray Warmath is reason to give the guy a little respect as a coach. Now, beating Ohio St, Michigan, Penn St when they were all top ten teams is pretty impressive.
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    FMK: Fleck, Mason or Kill?

    One thing I will say for Mason, He defeated every team in the BIG while he was at Minnesota, pretty remarkable when you think about it. Fleck has not seen his prime yet.
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    Sid's column this morning

    0-17 when losing at halftime? This is extremely problematic.
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    BIG 10 Subs closing down always leaves in empty space in my heart every time I come up to visit. I always looked forward to that place.

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