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    If I was a betting man I'd bet Ben did an awful lot of coaching for Richard while he was here. Likely one of many reasons why the players are very supportive of him.
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    Over/Under on the announcement?

    He's probably already recruiting.
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    Justin Gaard on KFAN

    Culture? Do tell.
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    Timeout was simply to give Carr a rest
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    No one is playing team basketball and haven't most of the year.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Tom Crean would feel more like a "Tubby Hire" but I bet he wouldn't mind coaching in the B10 again.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Thad Matta?
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    Recruiting Concerns

    What the hell has happened to Minneapolis since my days at the U many years ago? For starters, people are sick and tired of racism and they are voicing their opinions. Minneapolis is still a pristine, beautiful city in the eyes of many that don't live there. I think it just matters what media...
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    Chris Doyle's Son Enters Transfer Portal

    Yeah, I agree Built. I think you get to know each and every one of your kids and learn and adapt to what they need as motivation. Knowing your people and your own personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader is important. I don't personally know Fleck or have even pretend to know a ton about...
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    2 tickets to the Indiana Game

    Needed-2 tickets to the Indiana Game Looking for decent seats to the 10/26 Indiana game.
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    Tickets for Indiana Game

    Where is the best place to get tickets to the game?
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    Simply put.... our defensive effort carries this team. I love that about this years team. Our future is bright. Our depth is a concern but this team is the hardestworking team since Haskins(probably nestalgial in some respects). I'm to the point of us expecting to not blow it. That's on your D.
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    Jordan Murphy: "Can't wait to be back in Minnesota"

    Maybe he was was home visiting like most college freshmen do. My freshmen niece at the U finished up finals last week I think.

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