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    Assistant Coaches

    That would be a real kick in the dick to Niko. Not only do you lose out on your dream job but the less qualified* guy then immediately nabs 2 of your 3 assistant coaches! *less qualified meant objectively based solely on years of head coaching experience and not meant to indicate lack of...
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    I've watched them play a bit. He brings the ball up for them but doesn't need to be ball dominant, I'd almost call him more combo than PG. He is certainly unafraid to pull from deep, but he doesn't seem like a ball hog or get his type guy (based on what I've seen). Seems to have good length...
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    How miserable does your life have to be to come on here and whine after beating a ranked team at home (for the fifth time this year). Couldn't be me. Good win, let's go get a couple on the road now!
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    I would be absolutely shocked if 4th place this year finished better than 13-7
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    David Mutaf

    Laughably bad take.
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    All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread

    I'm seeing 7th in the big ten in D Rating for conference games fwiw
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    The one good thing about coronavirus...

    The results are that Brad Davison, Nate Reuvers, and everyone else in that program for three years or fewer has still not won even one single game in the NCAA tournament.
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    All Things Treyton Thompson Recruiting Thread (Class of 2021) UPDATE 6/15: MN Offers

    I'm not sure why he'd play 16U next summer, when he played 17U this past summer. My guess would be that he moves.
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    All Things Dawson Garcia Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020): UPDATED: Gophers Offered

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    2017-2018 Season "In Review"

    GH Friends- I published a bball article this morning for (definitely check it out if you haven't yet, Frothygopher from years and years ago here provides most of the posts and he's absolutely fantastic). The premise is basically Dave Barry's "year in review" done from a fun /...
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    Carlos Morris Dismissed

    Yep. <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    Duke Anyanwu out for season with knee injury

    Per Marcus - huge bummer but at least it's a position of depth <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Kill on TE Duke Anyanwu's season-ending knee injury: "It's too bad because he could have played for us." <a href="">#Gophers</a> <a...
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    SBNation Article: Meet the Bag Man (overview of payments to college football players)

    This is a great read, especially on the heels of the unionization / players going hungry / etc talk:

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