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    Trey Potts - UPDATED With Statement from the U

    Why would they use leeches to treat Pott's ailment?
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    The decline in all of our institutions

    He racked a very nice list of murders. Typical communist. Your style. Sicko.
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    How do I know the 11 armed men in tactical gear arrested by MA state police after an hours long standoff weren’t white?

    Because their ethicity is important and to omit that to attempt to create a racist dialogue is lying, deceitful, and potentially dangerous. Lying liberals will not understand that. They are the source of modern day racism.
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    Eric Curry

    Potentially a huge move. Can exponentially increase Thompson's effectiveness. The body replaces its cells (except for the nervous system) every 3 to 9 months depending on the organ or body part. They are not letting Curry back with the expecttion of yet another injury. I've have gone from...
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    Audit Organizer Says Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots MISSING In Arizona, Boxes Full of Blank Ballots

    33k posts and that is the best that those that have never been correct on anything can do? I am an honoree for the biggest fireworks show in the Southeast in front of tens of thousands of fans tomorrow night. So there's that. You can go to Minneapolis or Chicago for your fireworks. Wear a vest...
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    Audit Organizer Says Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots MISSING In Arizona, Boxes Full of Blank Ballots

    The Maricopa audit is coming in sooner than expected. It will send shock waves through the right and not phase the brain numbed commies on the left. My sources rarely fail. Rarely.
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    Critical Race Theory

    CRT is a good thing for America. It is increasing the rate of Balkanizing the US. More and more the decent Americans are bailing out of Blue states. Red governors are beginning to take authority back from the Federal Marxists. Blue America will not be able to stand on its own two feet as Red...
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    All Earned thru their own hard work and merit

    Have to agree that $1M isn't much nowadays. Not even a decent divorce settlement for most. Probably $100M to be called rich now. After the first $1M it can accululate rapidly. Taxes are a joke when you're rich. The tax laws are written by the rich to bypass the rich.
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    Johnson says Sutherlin has "a little bit of nasty to him"; says Treyton "brings a different piece offensively that can be game-changing"

    Much better than gritty! I'm not underrating the team this year. I see a real harassing defense with a bunch of nasty smalls pressing hard with a lot of turnover points. Guess I'll have to wait and see.
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    The Next Time the Capitol is Attacked

    Defund the capitol police. It's the Democrat way. You started a war with America.
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    Are Seditionists Pro United States?

    The answer is zero sedition charges. Makes it difficult to be a seditionist. Thanks for your selfie, Kook.
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    Are Seditionists Pro United States?

    You when way out of your way to be stupid here.
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    Leftists next target: Medicine

    The true issue with health is the suppression of holistic health care by BigMed, BigPharma, etc. Most medical care outside of trauma and end of life care would be needed. Holistic ntrition provides cures and greatly reduced the need for meds/toxins. The average American has no knowledge of...

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