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  • I know you remember, but about 5 years ago I said the Fed was intentionally killing our dollar so we can migrate to a new common currency. That's why it doesn't matter how much we spend/borrow/print because we're never going to pay it back or rather we'll pay back the trillions of dollars, but only when their value is millions of dollars. That's why China wants a new trading currency to replace the US dollar NOW, because they see what's happening. I also went on saying the only way to get Americans to willingly abandon their dollar is if it's worthless to the point that their life savings is mostly wiped out & their home's are worth nothing. Then we switch over to the Amero or some other currency & people will be grateful. It's happening & there won't be a recovery DH, only a new beginning.
    Thanks for the note brother, I've only repeated what Ron Paul & other important free thinkers were saying some years back. What's really scary is if I'm (read: those same people) correct over the next 10 years? If so we're headed towards an epic economic collapse & civil unrest & God I hope I'm (they're) wrong.

    My biggest fear is that right now is economic collapse paired with OWS growing more unruly & the mutual dislike between them & the TP, is that we're watching the evolution of an angry right vs left civil conflict, paired with the worsening economy, bringing people to the streets against one another, which justifies some sort of US troops/Martial Law/who-knows-what(?) that will of course lead to all kinds of bad things.
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