Tre Holloman Talks Gophers, Spartans and Recruiting

Interview conducted by Chris Monter

Tre Holloman, a 6-foot-3 rising senior guard from St. Paul (MN) Cretin-Derham Hall, is considered the top player in Minnesota in both basketball and football in the Class of 2022.


Holloman averaged 20.3 points, 9.3 assists, 4.7 rebounds and 4.2 steals per game this past season. He scored in double figures in 22 of 23 games, including a season-high 30 points versus Forest Lake. Holloman scored 20 to 29 points eleven times. He shot 49% from the field, 33.8% from three-point range and 82.4% from the charity stripe.


Holloman helped lead the Raiders to a 18-6 mark, losing to Wayzata 75-61 in the Class AAAA title game.


GopherHole caught up with Holloman last Sunday at the Breakdown Summer Series to learn the latest on his recruitment and upcoming senior year.


GopherHole: You are starting to play with your high school team this summer now. How are things looking for the upcoming season for Cretin-Derham Hall?


Tre Holloman: Things are looking good. We are coming back with a whole new team again. We’ve got some transfers that I think will be doing good. We are just looking forward to this next season and we have some big expectations to getting back to the state championship.


GopherHole: Is that kind of nice that you get to play a little bit this month to get to know each other and build some chemistry?


Tre Holloman: Yes, for sure, because we are going to need that chemistry when the season starts.


GopherHole: What is the latest on your recruitment right now?


Tre Holloman: Oklahoma State is starting to hit me up with Coach (Larry) Blunt. Michigan State, Marquette, Michigan. Kansas has been hitting me up. Dayton. It has been going good. It has been going kind of slow, but it is going good, though.


GopherHole: Last year was kind of a tough year with COVID. Are you glad that things are starting to get back to somewhat normal?


Tre Holloman: Yeah, man, because the masks they wasn’t doing no justice for us playing, so it is just getting back to normal.


GopherHole: You visited Michigan State recently. What was that visit like?


Tre Holloman: That was a great visit. It was a legendary coach, Coach Izzo. The campus was good. It was all close together. It wasn’t split apart, so it was right there and the facilities were great like any other, so it was just good.


GopherHole: You also recently visited Minnesota. What was that like?


Tre Holloman: The basketball coaching staff, I just met them in person, like all of them, so it was good getting to know them guys and the football coaches, too. They are all some great guys. Great coaches and I would be looking forward to seeing them more.


GopherHole: I know that you enjoy playing both football and basketball. Is it going to be tough to choose just one sport? Obviously, the seasons overlap probably too much for you ever to do both in college.


Tre Holloman: Yes. Very tough. Very tough, because I don’t know if I could give up football and I don’t know if I can give up basketball, so it is just going to be a hard, hard and tough decision to make.


GopherHole: Is that going to make you appreciate this year, even a little bit more, because you know that this might be your last year of playing both?


Tre Holloman: For sure. I am just going to give it all, give it my all for both and then sit down and talk with my parents and see what is good for me.


GopherHole: Have you thought about when you might try to decide on a school? Will you try to sign in the fall or have you even thought that far yet?


Tre Holloman: I think that I am going to cut down my list, probably in a couple weeks. Just to narrow it down to make it more slower, but more meaningful.


GopherHole: How many would you like to cut it down to?


Tre Holloman: Probably like seven or six.


GopherHole: Are there schools that you know are definitely going to be in that Top seven?


Tre Holloman: Probably Michigan State, Minnesota and Marquette.


GopherHole: What are going to be the main factors that make you pick School A over School B or C?


Tre Holloman: Probably just the coaching. Probably just the coaching. The head coach, see if he trusts me and if the place is a fit for me.


GopherHole: I know that Coach Johnson has made trying to get Minnesota kids to stay in-state a premium. Is that something that he has talked to you about, trying to get the top local kids to play the Gophers?


Tre Holloman: He’s been on me heavy about talking to some of the other guys in my class to go there, too, but I am the main priority for them on football and basketball.


GopherHole: The Gophers offered Nolan Winter, who plays for the Howard Pulley 16’s. Does that make it a little more appealing that they are offering some guys that you plat with or are in the same organization with?


Tre Holloman: Yes, kind of, but it’s still up to me and my decision. That is like a step forward.

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