Women's Hockey 2023-24 Season -- Part 2: The Regular Season

Peyton Hemp first to score!

Gophers 1, Wisconsin 0


Goaltender Skylar Vetter with a terrific save, playing well tonight.

Update: Badgers are getting sweet shots in but Vetter stopped them.

Top 5 match-up and we're being relegated to the streaming while a boring wrestling match is on BTN. They did this same shit last week too.

Wisconsin swarming, shooting and shooting.

Vetter making saves. Now she gloves it.

Now there's a scuffle. One player from each side to the box.

Wow. What a save by Vetter. 3 swarming, 2 deadly shots somehow stopped.

Update: Minnesota now with attacks. Stopped.

Update: Badgers finally score on a big shot.

Update: Now Badger goaltender with a fantastic save against a great Bouveng shot.

Good game.
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After two periods, Wisconsin leads Gophers 2-1. Gophers killed two power plays.

In other game news:

Boom! The Comeback Kid Yale (14) upset Title Contender Cornell (4).

UMD beat St Cloud State 1-0.

Ohio State let everyone know they're still here. They destroyed St Thomas 12-1.

#13 Northeastern beat #15 Boston College.

Minnesota State beat Bemidji State 4-0.


19,285 in attendance for Toronto Montreal.

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Abbey Murphy gets hit twice in a row, the second one called. Coming up, first power play for Minnesota, in the 3rd. Gophers need a goal.

Update: Badgers kill the penalty

Josefin Bouvang ties the game!!

Update: Abbey Murphy nearly scored.

Then Britta Curl scored for Wisconsin to retake the lead. 12 minutes left.

1 minute left. Gophers down 1 goal. Abbey Murphy gets pasted, Wisconsin sent to the penalty box.

Minnesota Power play 1 minute left.

Gophers come out with 6 attackers.


1 minute left TIED!


Each team gets a point for the tie at regulation. Now onto OT for the extra point.

Wisconsin wins in overtime.

Minnesota just had a great attack denied by Wisconsin's Gervais.

A nail biter. At least Minneaota gets the point. They play again tomorrow.

The score is symbolic. The teams are very close but the Badgers shooters are so good.

Few teams can take Wisconsin to overtime and almost win.
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Excellent game between two top teams. Lot's of great plays. Tough to lose. Gophers needed to recoup for tomorrow and keep improving for the tournaments.

Defender Madeline Wethington nearly scored for the Gophers, in a flurry at the Badgers net. Gophers nearly won. Wethington had a great game. When the play came back to the Gophers side, Wethington was a bit gassed, and then Wisconsin's Leila Edwards, falling onto Wethington, shot the goal. Vetter poked the puck but Edwards hit the puck right back.

Great game overall by Vetter.



#4 Colgate can secure the ECAC championship with a win today against Brown. Colgate faltered last night against #14 Yale.

#2 Wisconsin can lockup at least #2 in the WCHA with a win over Minnesota.

#5 Minnesota can still catch Wisconson with a win today. Badgers face a series against Ohio State next week.

In the Hockey East conference, Uconn is solidly at the top the standing. Northeastern is next in line.

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Penn State won the CHA championship with a win yesterday for the second year in a row.

LIU won the NEWHA regular season championship.


Here is the bracket for the NCAA Tournament -- empty. Teams are positioning for the NCAA tournament, within their conference standings, and in tournaments coming up.



Tough loss. Gophers left a lot on the ice yesterday and the Badger played like some pressure was off today. Gophers played hard but just did not connect on opportunities. They need to remain positive and continue to improve. They can make a good run in the tournaments.

Ohio State won the WCHA regular season title with a win.

Colgate won the ECAC.

Next week Ohio State and Wisconsin clash. That should clarify how unbeatable Ohio State is.

Minnesota plays UMD.

And then comes the WCHA Final Faceoff Tournament at Ridder Arena.

Then the NCAA tournament. Minnesota will be there. Anything can happen there.

Is Northeastern making a surge? They beat Boston College and UMass Lowell, two wins this weekend. They host, with a bye, the Hockey East Tournament. UConn lost today.

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For years it was Ohio State on the outside watching Minnesota and Wisconsin win trophy after trophy. Now it seems like we're taking over that spot now.

Five finalists were named Ms Hockey Finalists. Two are committed to the Gophers:

Moorhead defender Kate Kosobud is the lone blueliner...

Ayla Puppe of Northfield currently leads the state of Minnesota in goals (61), assists (49) and overall scoring (110)...

Gophers signed six, big talents:

Then phenom Chloe Primerano moved up her recruitment start to 2024:


Girls High School Tournament brackets are here:


In other contender news, #6 Cornelll beat #14 Yale to claim the Ivy League Championship, a cup.

Both teams play in the ECAC that Colgate just won.

So looking ahead, Hockey East has no champion yet. Conference tournaments with tournament bids on the line are coming. NCAA Tournament at large bids are not settled yet. Minnesota is in a strong position to make a run yet, but for the clear best team in all hockey Ohio State.

I don't really know how good the Eastern teams will fare compared to the WCHA and Gophers.

Gophers beat Cornell earlier this season and swept UConn.

Hockey is unpredictable. No team is undefeated. No team wins them all. Still lots of awards to play for.

And after I just typed that, DIII women's hockey power UW River Falls just finished the season undefeated.

And Gophers coach Brad Frost coached the Gophers to an undefeated season and national title one season.

If there was a sure thing this season, I would say it's Ohio State. But anything can happen. Stay tuned.

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"The 2024 NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey Tournament Selection Show will air live on ESPNews at 12:30 p.m. eastern on March 10."

"The DI women’s regular season winds down over the next two weeks and conference playoffs are on deck. There is almost no uniformity to the postseason, as each women’s college hockey conference tournament uses a different format. Here’s a short primer on what each league’s championship looks like and the dates for the 2024 tournaments." [Click Link Above]



All-time WCHA Playoff Champions​
SeasonPlayoff Champion(s)
1999-00Minnesota Duluth
2000-01Minnesota Duluth
2002-03Minnesota Duluth
2007-08Minnesota Duluth
2009-10Minnesota Duluth
2019-20Ohio State
2021-22Ohio State
2022-23 Minnesota
2023-24 TBD

Probably gonna lose in the WCHA semi and then get put in the same NCAA bracket with Ohio State.

Gophers moved up one spot.

Clarkson #3, Minnesota #4, Colgate #5.


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