Why did Wisconsin get Las Vegas over us???


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Oct 14, 2019
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SEC bowls are interesting. Not many of those locations that I would love to go to.

Like the B1G they got 3 teams into the CFP/NY6 Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss.

Then they have 9-3 Kentucky playing 10-3 Iowa

8-4 Texas A&M gets 10-3 Wake in Jacksonville
8-4 Arkansas gets 7-5 Penn State in Orlando
7-5 Miss. St. gets 6-6 Louisville in Dallas
7-5 Tenn. gets 8-4 Purdue in Nashville
6-6 Missouri get 8-3 Army in Fort Worth
6-6 Florida gets 8-4 UCF in Tampa
6-6 Auburn gets 11-2 Houston in Birmingham
6-6 South Carolina gets 6-6 North Carolina in Charlotte
6-6 LSU gets 7-5 Kansas State in Houston

Good thing they got 4 non-conference games to get to 6-6 and fill bowl games.

At the P5 level:

14 Teams won 10+ games
3 Teams won 9 games
27 teams won 6-8 games
If I had to choose where to spend a few days having fun and watching my team play I would choose Nashville or Tampa from the above list.

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