What is the number one change you'd make to the cuurrent program?

this one is more pie-in-the-sky - but, if I had a magic wand, I would wave it and command that the entire U of MN campus got behind the football program.

Administrators - Regents - faculty -- top to bottom, everyone supporting football. similar to what happened in Wisconsin under Barry Alvarez and Donna Shalala.

and then these groups would work together to make the game-day atmosphere at Gopher games a real event - complete with THE BAND MARCHING DOWN UNIVERSITY AVENUE.

if the old coots in the neighborhood don't like it, hand out earplugs from 3M.

He has decent speed, not great. But he has shown a very good aptitude for knowing when to tuck it and run. He made some first downs at NC but on the last one his legs gave out from cramps and he couldn’t slide. Just crumpled.

If training staff is still intact, Fleck is a more patient man than most coaches. The cramping really cost the team a lot.
I was shocked that cramping was such an issue. What a head scratcher.

They should bring Trea Turner in and have him teach it. That dude has the absolute best slide I've ever seen in any sport.

I was shocked that cramping was such an issue. What a head scratcher.
The head scratcher is how could our staff allow it to happen. It’s not news that in hot, humid air athletes need lots of hydration. It’s not a secret that dehydration is insidious and the victim does not feel thirsty. The athlete needs to be reminded or instructed to keep taking liquid.

We lost both AK and Darius at critical times. There may have been more. AK had a cramp in his throwing arm that was being attended when Kramer unleashed the critical throw. We threw on first down because Taylor was on the sideline at the same time walking off leg cramps.

Now don’t attack me, I’m just trying to figure out your statement. What does the bolded have to do with anything because they are good this year (and much improved since Mack came back overall since 2019).
NC is a good team.the OP comparing them to programs that are historically (year after year top talent and performing teams) top teams is generous for North Carolina. That's all.

agree. I'm fed up with Fleck. He is not a good game coach. I'm sick of his hype and gimmicks. This is the Northwestern season. I'm sick of that. And change your best. Come on. Coach and win.
I think he’s the best of the lousiest and the loudest of the best.

Hope he proves me wrong.

What's the one change I would make :unsure:

How about: Win the West.

^^ changing my answer to that.

I’d force that dumb trucking yard to sell to the U and put more parking there. Tailgating on game days, of course.

Trucks should be banned from using Huron to enter/exit the freeway, regardless. They are directly responsible for tearing the living hell out of road around the intersection with Fulton.

I agree with the sentiment - BUT, I really didn't think the talent gap was that great with UNC - setting aside the QB play we were fine. We beat them in the trenches on both sides of the ball most of the game.
I would say that UNC also had a wide receiver, McCollum, who burned us all day … and is far more talented than WR on our roster. He and Drake Maye beats by themselves. Pretty even everywhere else,

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