Total Apathy


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Sep 24, 2009
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Don't understand the moaning here. It's a big boy move and I'm excited we've decided to pony up.

Big boy move? "Big boys" don't wait for a sexual assault witchhunt to make a move at HC. A "big boy" move would have been firing Claeys after the WI game.

Either way, I'm glad they ponied up and got the guy they wanted.

Well another way to look at it is they needed to wait until after the bowls. Maybe they were content with Claeys until the right guy was on the line and Claeys wouldn't have been fired until then? In the end, maybe the boycott was irrelevant.

Still don't understand the whining in here. "Apathetic" seems like the opposite of how I'd describe this move. In hindsight, it looks to me to be decisive, methodical, and ambitious - very un U like.

For what it's worth, I was upset with Claeys being let go - but I'm willing to move on. Like the hire.

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