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Mar 10, 2021
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College Football just needs to eliminate conferences and move to a model like the English Soccer League System: from the previous year, put the top 12 teams in one division, the next 12 in the next, and so on. If you finish top 2 in your division, you get promoted to the higher division. If you finish in the bottom 2, you are relegated to the lower division. This way, teams play a full schedule of really good games against teams of their equal caliber, no more of these cupcake games like Ohio State vs. Youngstown State. Winning any level of a division is still a major accomplishment and something the respective fans can get excited about. When you get down to the lowest divisions with schools that don't have the money to travel across the country every game, that's where you use a regionalized divison to save travel costs. The national champion is easy to decide as it is whomever wins the top division - no more endless arguing about a team not getting their shot. Teams could be allowed to schedule a few games outside of their divison to maintain rivalies.
This is the same way our local softball leagues are scheduled.

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