Quarterbacks in the Transfer Portal

I would argue it's even gone beyond the NFL. You draft a guy and get to see him develop for 4-5 seasons before they potentially leave. The top players in the NFL rarely play for more than 2 or 3 different teams in 10+ years. In college now, a guy might play for 3 different programs in 4-5 years.
Yeah, I completely agree. It's a much worse version of professional sports where you don't have a draft and some semblance of player control.

It felt more like the NFL when there were just grad transfers and players kind of earned that freedom.

What do you Gophers are offering to our new QB recruit? DDB? 🤣 and that’s why we won’t be getting any awesome QBs from the portal.
I want to say that I heard Burns say on a recent podcast that the top of what the Gophers might could offer would be in the $200-$300K area?? Did I dream that or did anyone else hear him say this on the last podcast or two???

Already extended an offer the QB from New Hampshire so it would appear we are going to be players in the QB market this off season.
Just watched Locked On today and he talked about the UNH QB and his quarterbacks coaches raved about him and it seems as if there's mutual interest. Lead the entire FCS in passing yards

Tommy Schuster from UND entered the Portal. Had a good run in Grand Forks.

First domino to fall, Max Johnson is going to UNC.

I just read on X that WSU QB has already received over TEN $1M NIL offers from schools trying to land him! 😱

What do you Gophers are offering to our new QB recruit? DDB? 🤣 and that’s why we won’t be getting any awesome QBs from the portal.
Half-full Subway Sandwich card and a $100 gift certificate to Hubert White.

This is ridiculous. Teams would be better off playing freshman and walk-on QBs and instead spending that money on great offensive lineman than paying all that money to QBs that probably won't get drafted.


From what ive seen hes not a big ten caliber guy but qb play cant get much worse here

The funny thing is that it's not embellishing to say it can't get much worse. AK had the one of the worst Gopher QB seasons in the past decade. It's possible that he improves his junior year but this year wasn't it.

Hope so since the article says he is entering as a grad transfer...;)
I didn't see the grad part. I just remember his degree program was some weird thing to where he couldn't really transfer last year.

I share your sentiment but we'd run out of footballs and then there is the sticky wicket of who all those quarterbacks would throw too. Somewhere that 85 guy thing becomes an issue but dang it'd be nice to have a couple really good QB's for the first time ever or at least since we all argued about Leidner and Mr Mankato.
But, if we had two....we will never know if the 2nd one can play.
Brosmer has one year. If we get a second transfer with two or three years then you have one to compete with Lindsay.

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